Monday, 14 October 2013

*NEW MUSIC* summerTIMEwinner

Jrd has teamed up with highly in-demand producer Mtbrd to create "summerTIMEwinner" a record which describes the duality between puppy love and adult love. This composition is the first official single from Jrd's forthcoming mixtape "19hz" which is scheduled for release in the final quarter of 2013.

Fans who send their email addresses in to us, will get an exclusive download of this song. If you would like to receive the FREE download, send a blank email with the subject line "mailing list" to

Friday, 9 August 2013


Hey everyone, the reason I've been quiet in terms of releasing music of late, is due to working on my forthcoming mixtape "19z". It is scheduled for release soon, I will reveal the date at a later time! If you want to be one of the first people to receive it FREE of charge, when it's released; please send your email address to with the subject line "Mailing List".

Thanks :-)

Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Top 5 MC's of all time! (and why)

I think most people would agree that as far as moguls go, 2pac and Biggie are untouchable. I wasn't lucky enough to really experience their legacy's due to being a young'n. However the 5 MC's I'm about to announce, are the ones that have really touched me for different reasons. My top 5 changes constantly, but as for now this is how I feel....

Lupe Fiasco:
is hands down the best metaphorical rapper in my opinion! Songs like Dumb It Down, Put Em' Up and Pressure prove that. He is by far the most globally successful conscious rapper. His concepts are deep and meaningful, and his verses are flawless.

Favorite Songs: Pressure, Dumb It Down & Lamborghini Angels

is one of the best lyricists to ever have commercial success in terms of: flow, delivery, style, patterns and punch lines. There are a lot of MC's who arguable can match him e.g. Royce Da 5'9, Cabibus & Tech N9ne however, the Slim Shady alter ego adds a whole nother dimension to Eminem's style.

Favourite Songs: Stan, The Way I Am & No Love


is the best overall, in terms of his innovation, longevity, being artictic-ness (lol not a real word) & his influence on pop culture. His debut album Reasonable Doubt is still one of the most highly acclaimed Hip-Hop albums of all time. I prefer Hov when he's rapping on songs such as Pressure (w/ Lupe), Lyrical Exercise & I Know, using extender metaphors and deep subject matters. However, I also like a lot of the hit records like Empire State Of Mind, Excuse Me Miss & Girls, Girls, Girls.

Favorite Songs: Ignorant Shit, What More Can I Say?, No Church In The Wild & Streets Is Watching


is the ultimate storyteller. I've always like Nas, but he really won me over with his album Life Is Good. I felt as if the production on that album really matched up to his lyrical ability, I had Bye Baby on repeat for at least 2 months. Most people would point out Illmatic as their favorite Nas album, but for me Life Is Good is his best effort. I probably feel that way because I'm now at an age where I understand music more, Illmatic was way before my time. Going back to Nas records, I have much appreciation for his rhyming technique. He has the ability to paint a story so vividly, you can tell that his music stems from life experiences; you can't write music that good without being able to feel what you're talking about.

Favorite Songs: Bye Baby, NY State Of Mind, Made You Look & Daughters

Andre 3000:

is...well he just is! No one can match him on any level; lyrically, flo-wise, concept-wise, anything. He tells stories from such a different point of view. Verses like Da Art Of Storytelling 4 just shows you how amazing he is. He uses references that go way over your head and make you have to research them and start unravelling the puzzle. In the past few years, he's dropped a few guest verses, notable Sixteen (w/ Rick Ross), Sorry (w/ T.I.) and Dedication 2 My Ex (w/ Lloyd). These verses remind people of why he is so highly acclaimed despite not releasing a solo album, unless you count The Love Below as a solo effort. He is the one and only person in the world of Hip-Hop that I cannot decode, I can't understand how he writes his raps and believe me I've tried. I just have to admire his skill and his craft...

Favourite Songs: ATLiens, Jazzy Belle & Da Art Of Storytelling 4

Whats your thoughts?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Free Music: 'BOB'

You've all been supporting my new single "I'm Gone" in which I'm so grateful for. I thought it was only right to give you all some free music, you can download the song free of charge directly from SoundCloud, enjoy. Release positive vibes into the universe and they will come back your way. Love :)